Helicopter For Sale:

SOLD: 2000 MD520N Helicopter

Trial Flights with more Helicopter Types

You’re looking for the perfect present? Give away a trial flight. Of course you may book one for yourself as well.

Flight School

Make your dream of flying a helicopter come true with Da Vinci-Air. We offer trainings to become a private or professional pilot as well as various further education on your way to your dream job. Adventurous can book a trial flight for themselves or as a special present.


With the new purchase of a helicopter we support you from the planning to the admittance of your new helicopter. You can also engage us for temporary reinforcements of your mechanical team or for control flights after maintenance events.

Sightseeing and Taxi Flights

Enjoy a flight over the beautiful swiss alps, surprise someone special with a voucher or reach your next appointment relaxed and hassle free.


Leave nothing to chance when it comes to helicopter management! Your helicopter is in safe hands with Da Vinci-Air. Obviously we offer allround support from the technical supervision to the review (ARC). Trust on more than 25 years of experience.